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October 26, 2007 by
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About this website

"Holmes gave me a brief review." (THOR)

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The purpose of this web site is to provide book reviews of Sherlock Holmes related literature, films, music, radio dramatizations etc. The reviews are of high quality, they are primarily written by Sherlockians for fellow Sherlockians (and everybody else who is interested in Sherlockian reading). Hopefully it will become a hive of information useful to the Sherlockian novice as well as the keen collector.

This site will only thrive and grow through mutual effort, so every Sherlockian is encouraged to contribute to the list of book reviews. Or, if you'd like an opinion of a specific book not yet reviewed, you can add the title to the Wants List - the pile of books/articles, which are each waiting for a reader to pick up his or her electronic pen and write a review. If you have Sherlockian reviews on a web page of your own, please send the link.

All book reviews as well as comments to the website should be sent to Mia Stampe Lagergaard.
Naturally, I should also very much appreciate that you contact me if you discover an error among the information.



Below are a few examples of the content of the left-side menu. Although it says 'books' it may just as well be articles published in journals or magazines:
  • Reference Books: Ex. The Canonical Compendium by Steven Clarkson or The Universal Sherlock Holmes by Ronald Burt DeWaal, all annotated editions of the Canon as well as biographies of and original letters/writings from Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Pastiches and Parodies: Ex. The Childhood of Sherlock Holmes Mona Morstein, the Mary Russell books by Laurie R. King or A Pragmatic Enigma by A. Conan Watson, MD (alias J. Kendrick Bangs)
  • Scholarly Writings: Ex: Unpopular Opinions by Dorothy L. Sayers, In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes by Michael Harrison or In Bed With Sherlock Holmes by Christopher Redmond.
  • All Other Writings: Ex: All comics, Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes by R. Smullyan or Dining with Sherlock Holmes by J.C. Rosenblatt and F.H.S. Schmidt
  • Film, TV & Radio: Canonical and non-Canonical Sherlockian movies (es. Rathbone films or Brett tv-episodes), dramatizations (ex. BBC's series starring Merrison and Williams), etc. Also books/articles about various films and actors.

Sometimes it can be difficult to assign a title to just one of the categories. However, there are only 5 different categories, so if you, for example, don't find Sherlock Holmes detected: the problem of the long stories by Ian McQueen under "Reference Books," then look further on the "Scholarly Writings" page. All titles reviewed in each category are listed for clarity at the top of the individual pages.

If a price is indicated it refers to the price known to the reviewer at the time the review was written. Prices may change, books get out of print etc. If a seller is mentioned in an old review, it doesn't necessarily mean that said person still has the book.


Review Guidelines

Here are a few directions before you start:
  • Be 'objective.' Look at the book/article from different points of view.
  • Try to emphasize its weak and its strong points.
  • Think of the group of readers who would benefit from reading it.
  • Be clear and brief, but don't omit the arguments to support your opinion. A review such as "This book is just lousy and not worth the paper it's printed on," obviously doesn't fulfil the directions and will NOT be posted.
  • Identify yourself, at least to the webmistress/editor.
  • If you are the author or agent of the book, please refrain from reviewing it yourself :-)

And now, on with the review. Please include:

  1. Type of material: E-book, book, article (specify journal/magazine), film, radio dramatization, audio book etc.
  2. Title
  3. Author
  4. Publisher
  5. Year
  6. ISBN (optional)
  7. Where purchased or available (optional)
  8. Review of the book
  9. Your name
  10. E-mail (optional)

E-mail your review to Mia Stampe.


Wants List

Have you read one of the following books, a review would be very much appreciated.
  • Canonical Compendium by Steve Clarkson
  • Commanding Views from the Empty House by Cochran & Speck
  • Baker Street Byways by J.E. Holroyd
  • Baker Street Chronology by Ernest Bloomfield Zeisler
  • Baker Street Irregulars Archival Series, The by Jon Lellenberg
  • Baker St. Reader, The by Philip A. Shreffler (ed.)
  • Baker Street Studies by H.W. Bell (ed.)
  • Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films by Michael B. Druxman
  • Conan Doyle by Pierre Nordon
  • Date Being - ? A Compendium of Chronological Data by Andrew Jay Peck
  • Elementary Methods of Sherlock Holmes, The by Brad Keefauver
  • Encyclopedia Sherlockiana by Jack Tracy
  • Encyclopedia Sherlockiana by Matthew E. Bunson
  • Essays in Satire by Ronald Knox
  • Films of Sherlock Holmes, The by Chris & Michaels Norman Steinbrunner
  • For the Sake of the Game by David Hammer
  • Game is Afoot, The by David L. Hammer
  • Good Old Index by William Goodrich
  • Holmes and Watson: A Study in Friendship by June Thomson
  • Holmes of the Movies The Screen Career of Sherlock Holmes by David Stuart Davies
  • International Sherlock Holmes, The by Ronald Burt DeWaal
  • In Bed With Sherlock Holmes by Christopher Redmond
  • In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes by Michael Harrison
  • Irregular Chronology of Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, An by Jay Finley Christ
  • Late Mr. Sherlock Holmes, The by Trevor Hall
  • Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes by Philip Weller
  • London of Sherlock Holmes, The by Michael Harrison
  • My Dear Holmes by Gavin Brend
  • Oxford Sherlock Holmes, The by Owen Dudley Edwards (ed.)
  • Ragged Shaw, The by John Bennett Shaw
  • Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes, The by William Gillette
  • Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The by Vincent Starrett
  • Profile by Gaslight by Edgar W. Smith (ed.)
  • Prof. J. F. Christ's Sherlockian Studies by Jay Finley Christ
  • Quest for Sherlock Holmes by Owen Dudley Edwards
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration by Allan Eyles
  • Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by H. W. Bell
  • Sherlock Holmes and Music by Guy Warrack
  • Sherlock Holmes by Gas-Lamp by Philip A Shreffler (ed.)
  • Sherlock Holmes Commentary, A by Martin D. Dakin
  • Sherlock Holmes Companion, A by Peter Haining (ed.)
  • Sherlock Holmes Companion, The by Michael & Molly Hardwick
  • Sherlock Holmes Compendium, A by Peter Haining (ed.)
  • Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia, The by Orlando Park
  • Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Fiction? by T.S. Blakeney
  • Sherlock Holmes File, The by Michael Pointer
  • Sherlock Holmes on the Screen by Robert W. Pohle & Douglas C. Hart
  • Sherlock Holmes Screen and Sound Guide by Gordon E. Kelley
  • Sherlock Holmes: Ten Literary Studies by Trevor Hall
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Man and His World by H.R.F. Keating
  • Simpson's Sherlockian Studies (especially S H's Wanderjahre) by A. Carson Simpson
  • Standard Doyle Company: Christopher Morley on Sherlock Holmes, The by Steven Rothman
  • Steps to 221B Baker Street by J.E. Holroyd (ed.)
  • Study in Sources, A by Donald Redmond
  • Study in Surmise : The Making of Sherlock Holmes, A by Michael Harrison
  • Television Sherlock Holmes, The by Peter Haining
  • Universal Sherlock Holmes, The by Ronald Burt DeWaal
  • Unpopular Opinions by Dorothy L. Sayers
  • World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes, and Dr.Watson, The by Ronald Burt DeWaal
  • World of Sherlock Holmes, The by Michael Harrison



A number of people, societies and magazines have been particularly generous in letting a great part of their previous book reviews be re-published on this site.

Profound thanks and appreciation goes to:

As well as:
Philip K. Jones, Peter H. Wood, Christopher Roden, John Brousch, Bill Barnes, Allan Olding, Les Moskovitz, Andrew Clark, Eve Sanders.

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