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The Greatest Sherlockian Books of the Century

This poll was carried out in December 1999 among the members on the HOUNDS internet discussion list. The parameters were: "NO DOYLE, NO PASTICHES," and you could vote for between one to ten books.

Howard Ostrom was in charge of the poll and compiled the following list.

(The number of votes each work received follows the title - and they are posted in order of votes received and alphabetically when the same number of votes were received).

  • Tracy, Jack Encyclopedia Sherlockiana 23
  • Baring-Gould, W.S. The Annotated Sherlock Holmes 18
  • Baring-Gould, W.S. Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street 18
  • Starrett, Vincent The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 15
  • Smith , Edgar w. (ed.) Profile by Gaslight 9
  • Dakin, D. Martin A Sherlock Holmes Commentary 8
  • Harrison, Michael In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes 7
  • Bunson, Matthew E. Encyclopedia Sherlockiana 6
  • Brend, Gavin My Dear Holmes 6
  • Clarkson, Steve Canonical Compendium 6
  • Blakeney, T.S. Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Fiction? 5
  • DeWaal, Ronald Burt The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson 5
  • Holroyd, J.E. (ed.) 17 Steps to 221B Baker Street 5
  • Knox, Ronald Essays in Satire 5
  • Redmond, Christopher A Sherlock Holmes Handbook 5
  • Edwards, Owen Dudley (ed.) The Oxford Sherlock Holmes 4
  • Harrison, Michael A Study in Surmise : The Making of Sherlock Holmes 4
  • Roberts, S.C. Holmes and Watson: A Miscellany 4
  • Shreffler, Philip A (ed.) Sherlock Holmes by Gas-Lamp 4
  • Various Editors Every/or Any Issue of the Baker St. Journal 4
  • Bell, H. W. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson 4
  • Blackbeard, Bill Sherlock Holmes in America 3
  • DeWaal, Ronald Burt The International Sherlock Holmes 3
  • DeWaal, Ronald Burt The Universal Sherlock Holmes 3
  • Hall, Trevor Sherlock Holmes: Ten Literary Studies 3
  • Harrison, Michael Beyond Baker Street 3
  • Keefauver, Brad The Elementary Methods of Sherlock Holmes 3
  • Redmond, Christopher In Bed With Sherlock Holmes 3
  • Sayers, Dorothy L. Unpopular Opinions 3
  • Starrett, Vincent 221B: Studies in Sherlock Holmes 3
  • Vinery, Charles Sherlock Holmes in London 3
  • Atkinson, Michael The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes and other Eccentric Studies 2
  • Bell, H. W. (ed.) Baker Street Studies 2
  • Doyle, P.J. & McDiarmid, E.W. (eds.) Baker Street Dozen 2
  • Haining, Peter The Television Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Harrison, Michael The London of Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Harrison, Michael The World of Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Hammer, David L. The Game is Afoot 2
  • Hardwick, Michael & Molly The Sherlock Holmes Companion 2
  • Holroyd, J.E. Baker Street Byways 2
  • Keating, H.R.F. Sherlock Holmes The Man and His World 2
  • Kelley, Gordon E. Sherlock Holmes Screen and Sound Guide 2
  • Klinefelter, Walter Sherlock Holmes in Portrait and Profile 2
  • Lellenberg, Jon The Baker Street Irregulars Archival Series 2
  • Manners. Terry The Man Who Become Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Park, Orlando The Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia 2
  • Riley, Dick & McAllister, Pam The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Roden, Christopher & Barbara (eds.) The Case Files of Sherlock Holmes (series) 2
  • Rothman, Steven The Standard Doyle Company: Christopher Morley on Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Shreffler, Philip A (ed.) The Baker St. Reader 2
  • Stashower, Daniel Teller of Tales 2
  • Steinbrunner, Chris & Michaels, Norman The Films of Sherlock Holmes 2
  • Thomson, June Holmes and Watson: A Study in Friendship 2
  • Christ, Jay Finley An Irregular Chronology of Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street
  • Christ, Jay Finley Prof. J. F. Christ's Sherlockian Studies
  • Cochran & Speck Commanding Views from the Empty House
  • Davies, David Stuart Bending The Willow
  • Davies, David Stuart Holmes of the Movies The Screen Career of Sherlock Holmes
  • Druxman, Michael B. Basil Rathbone: His Life and His Films
  • Edwards, Owen Dudley Quest for Sherlock Holmes
  • Eyles, Allen Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration
  • Fido, Martin The World of Sherlock Holmes - The Facts & The Fiction
  • Fish, Robert L. The Memoirs of Schlock Holmes
  • Gillette, William The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes
  • Goodrich, William Good Old Index
  • Haining, Peter (ed.) A Sherlock Holmes Companion
  • Haining, Peter A Sherlock Holmes Compendium
  • Hall, Trevor The Late Mr. Sherlock Holmes
  • Hammer, David For the Sake of the Game
  • Hardwick, Michael Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes
  • Harrison, Michael I Sherlock Holmes
  • Harrison, Michael Study in Surmise(article in EQMM, 1971- not 1984)
  • Kendrick, Stephen Holy Clues
  • Klinger, Leslie The Annontated Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Ledgard, Henry & Singer, Andrew Elementary Basic as Chronicled by John H. Watson
  • Nordon, Pierre Conan Doyle
  • Peck, Andrew Jay Date Being - ? A Compendium of Chronological Data
  • Pohle, Robert W. & Douglas C. Hart Sherlock Holmes on the Screen
  • Pointer, Michael Pictorial History of Sherlock Holmes
  • Pointer, Michael The Sherlock Holmes File
  • Redmond, Donald A Study in Sources
  • Rosenberg, Samuel Naked is the Best Disguise
  • Simpson, A. Carson Simpson's Sherlockian Studies (especially S H's Wanderjahre)
  • Shaw, John Bennett The Ragged Shaw
  • Tanaka, Kiyoshi The International Illustrated Sherlock Holmes
  • Warrack, Guy Sherlock Holmes and Music
  • Weller, Philip Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes
  • Zeisler, Ernest Bloomfield Baker Street Chronology

The Best of Sherlock Holmes

By Arthur Conan Doyle, compiled March 1927

  1. The Speckled Band
  2. The Red-Headed League
  3. The Dancing Men
  4. The Final Problem
  5. A Scandal in Bohemia
  6. The Empty House
  7. The Five Orange Pips
  8. The Second Stain
  9. The Devil's Foot
  10. The Priory School
  11. The Musgrave Ritual
  12. The Reigate Squires

Another Best of Sherlock Holmes

Published in The Baker Street Journal 1959

  1. The Speckled Band
  2. The Red-Headed League
  3. The Blue Carbuncle
  4. Silver Blaze
  5. A Scandal in Bohemia
  6. The Musgrave Ritual
  7. The Bruce-Partington Plans
  8. The Six Napoleons
  9. The Dancing Men
  10. The Empty House

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